vineri, 26 iunie 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, preformer, singer, awesome genius.
We don't have any words to refer to this musician who had an awesome carrer

You´ll never will be forgotten, always will be in our hearts. It´s hard to believe that such a genius and great human being has died with only 50 years.
Michael Jackson will live in our hearts forever, as what he was... The Eternal King Of Pop.

Btw.. Ironic Numbers = THE JACKSON 5(0) ...... . 50 London Concerts..... MICHAEL JACKSON DIES AT 50

P.S. : Even with a small comment on a blog like this, people from everywhere are paying there respects to a music legend, bringing us all together, and showing us that Michael Jackson's music was and will always be influential all around our world.

Michael Jackson
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